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Who is this guy?

I am Ace Pepper.I play guitar. Mostly blues/rock music. What's now called "Classic Rock". Although, to me, it's the music I grew up with. I like most kinds of music. Except opera. Really don't like opera.​Been playing music around the central Texas area for years. With lots of different people you've never heard of and don't care about. Point is, I've been playing a long time and I'm pretty good at it.​The cats I'm playing with now are some of the best people and best musicians I've ever played with. We play well together and we have a lot of fun. I love these folks, and I know you will too!

Ace Pepper Group

Blues. Rock. Music.

I've played with a lot of folks, in a lot of different setups over the years. I can be booked as a duo, trio, up to a six piece band, as needed. I've been playing with these folks for a couple of years now. These are some of the coolest people and finest musicians I've ever played with!

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