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Standard Models

Since the beginning our amps have been made by hand, one at a time, to order. Now we're upping our game.

We're focusing on two models, the Roadhouse and the Super Sport. Both are 40 watts with 5881 power tubes and a GZ34 tube rectifier. Both are built on our water-jet-cut aluminum chassis. Both use upgraded transformers from Classic Tone. Each has it's own personality. The Roadhouse is all about country clean tones and bluesy sustain. The Super Sport is a classic rocker with plenty of crunch and grind. Both are still build by hand in our shop in San Marcos, Texas with our legendary workmanship and pro features like bias test points and dual bias adjustments. Both the Roadhouse and the Super Sport are available as heads or 1x12" combo amps.

We are also proud to introduce our special design 1x12" speaker cabinets. Featuring solid pine construction, extra depth, and a tuned-back design, our cabinets are small enough to live with and big enough to sound great! Available with a selection of premium 12" speakers from the top boutique brands, like Austin Speaker Works, Warehouse Speakers, and more.

Super Sport

The Super Sport is our classic rock monster!

Inspired by the great American and Brit amps, but modded, hot rodded and a healthy dose of Texas-style hot sauce thrown in. Controls for gain, volume, highs, mids, and lows. Also switches for more/less (bass and gain on the input) and here/there (American or Brit-style tonestack.)

With plenty of gain on tap the Super Sport still lets the tone of your favorite guitar shine through. The Super Sport is a player's dream and follows your volume knob like an extention of your soul. You think it and the sound happens.

Powerful, fast, and handles great!

That's the Super Sport!

Super Sport specs

- 40 watts

- TungSol 5881 power tubes

- GZ34 tube rectifier

- 3x12AX7 tubes

- controls for: Gain, Volume, Highs, Mids, Lows

- switches for more/less and here/there

- bias test jacks

- dual bias adjustments

- Classic Tone transformers

- optional buffered FX Loop


If you're into cleaner tones or a great pedal platform this is it! 40 watts of chimey clean goodness. Simple, well voiced tone controls. More/Less switch gives you more lows to fatten your single-coil tones, less lows to tighten up your humbuckers. Here/There switch changes the tonestack voicing from American-style to British-style with a bit more mids. Rear panel presence and resonance controls give the Roadhouse amp a 3-D depth that really fills a room. Country cleans to bluesy growl. And sustain that just makes it fun to play the guitar! That's the Roadhouse!

Roadhouse specs

- 40 watts

- 2x5881 power tubes

-GZ34 tube rectifier

-2x12AX7 tubes

- controls for  Volume, Highs, Mids, Lows

- rear panel controls for Presence and Resonance

- switches for More/Less and Here/There

- Bias test points

- Dual bias adjustments

- Classic Tone transformers

- Available as a head or 1x12" combo

1x12 Speaker Cabinet

We've put a lot of thought into the design of our 1x12" speaker cabinet.  The size, 20"x22"x10", makes it small enough to live with and big enough to sound good. We start with solid pine sides for light weight and resonant tone and box joint construction for durability. Our "Tuned Back Panel" design gives us the openness of an open back with some extra low-end of a closed back. Available with our standard Austin Speaker Works "Peacemaker" 12" speaker with 80 watts of power handleing. We also offer speakers from Warehouse Speakers and others as options.

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